May 23, 2024

5 thoughts on “Jehovah Witness Member Allegedly Dies After Refusing Financial Help From Catholic Church

  1. What kind of church doctrine will stop someone in dire straits from accepting genuine financial help from an NGO even at the point of death?

    1. Unfortunately, I grew up within the CULTure of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The leadership of this organization indoctrinates their members to believe any other religion upon this planet, and let me just say right here, especially the Catholic Church, is considered to be a false religion and not of the [true] God Jehovah, but rather under the influence of the devil.
      ( because the Catholic church is considered a Theocracy. { A Government ruled by the God of the Bible} Well the leadership of the Jehovah’s Witnesses call themselves a Theocracy too, so they {the JW Organization} definitely see themselves as being in competition with the Catholic Church ) They ( the JW leadership ) say that all other religions besides themselves are part of Babylon the Great, the great harlot whom is sitting on the Scarlet Red Beast from Revelations. Members are indoctrinated to believe that only JW’s are the true religion that the God of the Bible uses today. They see themselves as God’s chosen people.
      Members have been taught that the JW leadership are the only one’s within the JW Organization that can interpret scriptures and then the leadership tells the members what these interpretations are.
      So members don’t get to read their own bible and come up with their own conclusion and make their own decisions based on their own conscience, but rather what the leadership tells the members that their conscience is to be. This is calls, “a bible based conscience,” by the leadership.
      JW members are for the most part good, loving and humble people who simply want to please their God Jehovah.
      Unfortunately the leadership demands the same loyalty one would give to God and teach that the JW Organization is infact Jehovah’s Government. That’s why it is claimed that JW’s take a neutral stand when it comes to politics ( they do not vote ) or take part in any form of fighting within any form of Governmental service of the land in which they live in. When in actuality if JW members did, it would literally shaking as a form of treason against their own Theocratic Government that the JW leadership of the JW Organization actually run and rule over their members from. It is totalitarian, authoritarian, a high demand and a high control destructive culture.
      That’s the kind of church doctrine that she had to go by that stoped her while she was in dire straits from accepting genuine financial help from an NGO even at the point of death. JW’s are to be loyal to the organization ( because being loyal to the JW Organization is the same as being loyal to Jehovah ) even unto death.

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